You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground...

I'll Be the Wings That Keep Your Heart In the Clouds ♥

Hey everyone! So, I'm miz-beauty and if you want to be my friend, don't hesitate... I like music, my iPod that I bring everwhere(Music is VERY important to me, because it helps me get through lots of things and I'm SO thankful to God who gave us this precious gift), movies,I love reading/books (I especially LOVE twilight, which I know I'm not the only one), friends(they are also VERY important). I love writing. I'm probably not the best person who has a lot of imagination but, I still like it. I'm very outgoing and actually pretty insane.. LOL and I just enjoy laughing and having fun. I speak both english & French and I'm from Québec, but I moved to Alberta. It was a huge change, but I eventually got through it.