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Jan. 20th, 2010

Building City Lonely

My Life In Ruins - Coincidence?

I really feel like Dad ruined my whole life. In advance, which in my opinion is really worse. Because of him, I had to much stress at the beggining of the school year, and I couldn't do my work right. Now I'm pretty much 4 months late in my 10 classes, and it's a REAL bitch. 


Soon I have to move back to Québec and leave my friends, just because he doesn't take good care of us, doesn't love us, drinks his ass off every songle night, and he's dangerous. Thanks a lot, man. Now, I have a feeling next year will be my very last year of school, because I'll just give up, and I won't have nearly have of credits I need to go to College. My life is fucked up already. 


In about a year, I'll have to work my ass off - which probably won't be as bad as I think it will - to help pay Mom's and I's own Appartment. We'll never have a real house again. AND, I'll have to leave my brother. Now, that's just the cherry on top. Being seperated from him just makes me feel like shit.

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Calm Flower Purple

A Burden Lifted Up From My Shoulders

 So last night, John said he wanted to talk to my mom. Obviously, I came with her to do a little translating. He started with: "What's the problem with Yvon? What's going on, is there anything we can do to help you with the situation?". I have no idea how he knows. Maybe everytime Dad goes in service when he asks about us (if we go to the meeting and etc...) people suspect things. Well I don't blame them, he's not really hiding the fact that he doesn't when we go to meetings. Even Ben asked me about it!

Mom is afraid Dad went up to them first, and dished a whole lot of shit to make us look really bad - as he did several times before. Anyway, we told them the whole story, including our little secret plan to go back to QC and I think they agreed and they're going to help us. Darren and John are really the best ♥. I think John is going to help us find a better job, to work less, go to more meetings, and make more money to move. Thank God for these wonderful provisions and all the help you get for us. (: Yes, I can't tell anyone about it still, but it'll come I know.

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Jan. 9th, 2010

Exited Flying Fun Lights Swings

Because One Deserves To Be Reminded II

For All My FRIENDS. Because I do, and really mean it.

And yes. Ryan Ryolds is VERY hot. (:

Best Friends Girls Laughing

Fun? I think so!!

So this week was one of the best.

#Monday: SHOPPING!!! ♥ I missed the whole afternoon at school and went until 8pm (:

#Tuesday: No school + meeting

#Wednesday: FUNN day at school!!! Ashley and I are friends again, and having more fun than legal

#Thursday: Another FUNN day at school!!! :D Actually worked really good (:O), AND had fun too!!!

#Friday (Today): No school (: + Bible drama --

Ben and I had soooo much fun hahaha!! Kenzie was there too! She was over at Brookie's for the weekend. And I laughed so much, and there were no akward moments with Ben EVEN when we stayed alone, talking and eating pomegranate (YUMM BTW!!) and laughing and especially getting confused & funny looks by Phil because we were making 10 thousands of Star Wars sounds hahaha --  I loved it ♥ Thank you dear God ^.^

#Saturday: I don't know yet.... BUT, going to the garage and see the guys for sure!!!

#Sunday: Max's small B-day party!! Ok, so it'll be a party for 4 - Max, Ashley, Luke & I - but there'll be beer Our-Best-Friend haha and it'll be kick-ass siick!!!! :D

Dec. 30th, 2009

Love r0s33s PAinT

'Cause one deserves to be reminded

I like to think this is true. ♥
Blue Funky Guitar Music

Mmmm, another chance?

 So for the whole weekend, dad make the floor downstairs (FINALLY!!!) and it is much warmer and comfy down here. Yesterday, Ashley added me back on Facebook. Yes, I accepted, because deleting someone off your friend list is the most childish thing someone could do. Then she told me how she feels sorry about all the lies that she told me, that she was a total B*tch and stuff.. She also mentioned I was the best-friend she has never had, and that she wishes she could remake those memories we had, and that she wants to have a good friend to talk to. I believe her. No one else accepts her, some reasons are right, but others are total non-sense. I might give her another chance, but for now that'll have to wait. I've never had a fight with a friend before, it'll take time.

Max spent 5 days at her house and came back last Sunday night... He gave her a promise ring for Christmas. WOW I still can't believe it!! Apparently, I already have a future sister-in-law *rolling eyes//shakes head* this is getting SO pathetic!!! :"/

Going in service with Sherry this morning + maybe HOCKEY later!!!! :D
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Dec. 23rd, 2009

Best Friends Girls Laughing

A whole lot of nothing.

It's December 23rd. For the very first year, we won't have a special family bonding time. No gifts, no laughs, no warm precence and peace… all because for once we were to stand up for ourselves and realize what's really good in life, even if applying it actually costs you things. But that's okay because they were never truly real. I've learn to live without certain things, no matter how important they seemed.

Today (rightd now hehe) I had a sleepover. Funnnnn (:
Brook isn't really here right now (at Tasia's) but Skylar and I have had some fun watching movies and playing Wii. And there was actually no fighting between any of the kids which pretty much made my day!
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Dec. 20th, 2009

raiiny converse

The art of applying for jobs.

It is now the holidays: a period of time of school off, filled with a cold, snow, wintery embiance with several cups of hot chocolate and movie nights that in the end, we all end up bored. I just hope it won't happen to me this year. I'll be a lot more home with dad than usual though, which is not very pleasant. Every Friday until February, I will go to Kim's house for a bible drama practice, which we pretty much all thought sounded lame but surprisingly liking it after all. Tannyann & I are getting along quite good, let's not hope it ends up exploding any moment now. I had my job interview last Tuesday at Tim Horton's, let's hope they'll hire me! Although, I have no idea when that will be, since they said they would call me. When? No clue! So the other day I was at the store, pick up a few things... When it was time to swipe my debit card, the lady behind the counter stops reading her book and looks up at me. (Reading a book at work?) Her Majesty: Mmm, excuse me. What are you trying to do? It is possible to swipe it ay faster next time? Me: Mmm? Then I swipe it again - slower- since it didn't work the first time. Her Majesty: Was that so hard to do? Me: Well sorry... Her Majesty: Ugh, whatever! I pick up my things and say : "Thank you so much. Have a nice day, Okay?" but she kept staring at her book. And I decide, she was being very rude, and that I am the customer. she shouldn't act that way. They get 25 bocks an hour to sit on their ass, and help out a customer once in a while. How hard! So I took out my camera and made sure the flash was on. "Smile!" When she looks up at me, I take it. "BYE. DON'T FORGET TO SMILE, IT'S FREE." I wave and walk away. The other people waiting in line thought it was funny. I don’t blame them. I’m sure most of them had to deal with an angry worker from our public market at least once a week. Whenever you’re served by a nice one, you feel like you just won the lottery. www.youtube.com/watch Btw this HILARIOUS!!! Watch it ^.^

Dec. 5th, 2009

Desperate Raining Umbrella

He gave up on me. On everyone. On GOD.

I heard him on the phone. I don't wanna live anymore... this dating thing is a bitch! I'll kill her. I will. She's DESTROYING my life god damn it!! Thinking of them makes tears of anger come up and bend my fists. She's made my life a living hell.. she's finally succeeded. It's hard to breathe when you've got nothing in you anymore. A part of me's gone with him.. my own brother's gone. She stole him away, laughing. I feel like I'm a desperate little girl, left alone in the dark. No help, no confort, no way to ever get out of it. Anyone out there, PLEASE, help me to know how to get through it, how to keep it from happening longer. It possibly can't be, it just can't.

For a moment, I heard him hesitate. When mom asked him if it was really his choice to give up and assume the consequences. A tiny second of hope filled my broken body. The next it all came shaddered on the floor. I couldn't hear it anymore.
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Nov. 27th, 2009

3mO flower eye-linner

Winter + NM

This morning when I woke up, I was in shock; a thick layer of snow had fall down in the little streets of my town. Am I happy about it? Yes and no. It's lovely, it's brings a different view around you, it's fun and I just love the way it looks in pine trees and dead trees. But it brings the cold and I hate the cold. It's freezing!

BTW I saw New Moon!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ Wow, amazziiinnngngggg!! The beggining was funny, oh my god hahah.. I love how Emmett - at Bella's B-day - looks at Edward with his arms crossed and says 'get an older woman. Rawwrrr.' Then Edward looks at him like 'haha, ok shut up' - smirking - and then Emmett is all like defensive and innocent and says 'what??' HAHAHAH so awesome!! LOL and also it's funny when Alice says happy birthday at school and stuff.. and then Edward says 'you can't trust vampires. Trust me.' hahahahah .... I'm a VAMP NERD!!

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